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India is a land of number of states and cities that comprise of people having varied customs, languages, culture, tradition and history. But when we talk about the historical and cultural richness, one city that most definitely outshines other cities in India is undoubtedly Pune. Pune is a city situated at the heart of Maharashtra and in fact is its second largest city. The expanse of Pune India can be judged from the fact that it is the eighth largest metropolitan city in India and is the hub of all administrative activities concerning the entire Pune district.

The city of Pune has a lot of history attached to it and has been under the control of several warriors and empires from time to time. Chhatarpati Shivaji was the first emperor to make Pune as the epicenter of his powerful Maratha Empire. Shivaji Maharaj fought various battles against the Mughals and Bijapur kings from Pune only. As soon as the reign of Marathas ended, Peshwas and Bajirao-I made this city as their headquarters which was later taken over by the Britishers. The British army won battle of Koregaon in 1818 and even established their army cantonment here. Pune was named as the alternate to Bombay presidency. Pune not just gave the British army the conditions that they require for administration but also played a prominent role in national politics and freedom struggle of India.

Pune has gifted some of the most prominent leaders, reformers, scientists and sports persons to this country and this is the reason why Gandhi ji once called it as the “bee-hive” of dedicated workers for a noble cause. Not just the city of Pune but its name too has a lot of historical importance. During the 13th century, this city was known as Punawadi which was later replaced by “Poona” in 1960’s. Finally it was named Pune and has gradually become one of the leading education hubs in India and is even called “Oxford of the east” and “Oxford of India” due to its renowned educational and research institutes.

There are number of educational and research institutes in Pune such as Pune University, Film and Television Institute of India, National defense academy and Symbiosis Institute etc. apart from the best government and private research institutions, information technology and management institutes. The presence of the best infrastructure and faculty make Pune a dream destination for getting higher education not just for Indian students but also the students from South Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Pune India is not just an ideal destination for the students but also for the tourists who will have the best times of their lives while visiting this blessed city. Yes, the city of Pune is blessed with most significant forts, palaces, well-laid gardens and shopping centers and is surrounded by various picturesque mountain ranges, resorts and places of pilgrimage. One doesn’t need to be in a fix while planning their trip to Pune as this city is great to visit in any season due to its equitable and moderate weather. However if you wish to see the rich heritage, cultural prosperity and high spirits of people of Pune, then plan your visit during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi which is celebrated with great fervor and joy here.

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